A bunch of lively seniors

As part of my pro bono work, I photographed a lively group of seniors who volunteer regularly at Feiyue Community Services, a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organisation. The pictures were meant to […]

Happy Lunar New Year!

Photographed this enormous inflatable figurine of the ‘God of Fortune’ at the Marina Bay Floating Platform earlier today. He is a much revered figure during the Lunar New Year, and brings with him […]

The Force Awakens

Spotted this mural being painted on a recent trip to Arab Street over the weekend to check out places for a shoot.

A New Year

Went to a party with Mom and Dad on New Year’s Eve and spent some quality time. This image pretty much captured the lively spirit and buoyant atmosphere.

What is gratitude?

Sharing a moment off work. We owe it to many of these migrant workers who work in the construction industry for building up the country’s infrastructure to what it is […]

Playmoolah x Mosaik

Took some headshots recently for a friend who founded Playmoolah, a social enterprise that endeavours to make financial literacy a fun journey for children through education and learning. Recently they teamed […]